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Who We Are?

A community led football club run by volunteers in Salford where all children are welcome.

Salford Storm is a non profit community-based junior football club based on Stott Lane, Salford. A club built and run by volunteers in Salford. We're a grassroots football club where players reach their full potential and break past any preconceptions or barriers in their way. We're open to boys and girls from ages 5 to 15 of all ability, we have a holding group for people just looking to get started.

Our training sessions are run by positive and enthusiastic coaches, with relevant qualifications. Training sessions are engaging with a heavy focus on development and progression of players' technical, social and psychological elements.

Our goal is to build life skills of confidence and teamwork across our club to have a positive impact in the community.

Meet the Committee

At Salford Storm, a junior football club in the heart of Salford, England, success on and off the field is greatly attributed to the tireless efforts and dedication of its coaching staff and committee members.

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